Tree Care with Empathy


[ Disclaimer: This page is still being edited! ]

Project Information

ViTree is a treecare business founded by the arborist Vito Cordasco based in Basel Switzerland.


Arborists often need to climb trees during their day to day work. This lends itself pefectly to the visual language of having the entire page be represented by a tree from treetop to root.


The only preexisting design element the site had to be built around was the company logo. It’s amazing simplicity and beautiful color combination can be found in the simple silhouette form of the trees and the overall color scheme of the site.









H1: Eczar

H2: Eczar

H3: Eczar

H4: Eczar

Text: Montserrat

Parallax Scrolling Effect

To create the illusion of depth when scrolling down into the forest, different layers of the forest had to be created, with one central tree as the main focel point. The entire forest was built from single tree assets provided for free by Openclipart.


The site has been create with WordPress and the Elementor page builder.