Hello there

I am Chris, a self-employed web designer with a BA in Computer Science and English from the University of Basel, Switzerland. All throughout my studies I have been creating websites; for class projects, for clients and for fun. I love to create interactive experiences and  tell stories. Can I help you tell yours?

While learning to create websites, I tried my fair share of content management systems [CMS], blogging tools and CSS/JavaScript frameworks and I always returned to WordPress as my CMS of choice. I will work with the CMS you are already using, or create fast static custom websites without a CMS, if that is what you require, but suggest WordPress for most projects.

I like to bring your vision to life from concept to design to code. As a one person operation, this can take a lot of time. That is why I use the Elementor page builder to quickly turn my designs into websites. This allows me to focus my coding on custom functionality and not spend weeks recreating custom designs with code.

Affinity is a non-subscription based competitor of Adobe’s Creative Cloud. I have found it to be the perfect toolkit for small independent creators like me, who are not willing or able to pay another monthly subscription service. It offers most of the functionality provided by the Adobe software and let’s you open, edit and export all of the industry standard formats.